We help our clients make data-driven decisions about mobile strategy, tactics, and products.

Device-level insight

Our proprietary software allows us to passively monitor behavior on thousands of iOS and Android mobile devices nationwide: what apps are used, how long they are used, and where they are used.

Improve your mobile ROI

We help you understand your mobile market and put it in context so that you can invest your resources wisely and make significant gains in engagement, retention, and efficiency.

Flexible and Powerful

We can customize your marketing panel, your data sets, and your visualizations to help you make better decisions

Advanced Functionality

Frictionless data gathering; we then aggregate collected data with geolocation, demographics, psychographics, or qualitative sources.

Easy Installation and Setup

We help you design, implement, support, and analyze your mobile research.

Trusted Expert Support

Our extensive experience in marketing and mobile development gives us context to help your projects succeed